'Live PD' contract with Williamson County might end

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office could no longer be featured on the national show "Live PD".

The show follows law enforcement as they go on patrols and answer calls. The county commissioners will be discussing the possibility of terminating the contract between the county and the show’s producer BIg Fish Entertainment.

Sheriff Robert Chody is pushing hard for the county to renew the contract as being on the show has helped his sheriff’s office despite not actually receiving anything from the show itself.

“I would love to stay with "Live PD". We’ve had a great relationship with them they’ve done so many good things for us as a whole I would be greatly disappointed to see them go,” said Chody.

The fate of the contract between Williamson County and Big Fish Entertainment will be the topic of discussion during commissioners court Tuesday.

“My hope is that the court realizes he importance of what "Live PD" has done for Williamson County not just the county but the sheriffs office,” said Chody.

 While none of the commissioners wanted to make any comment before the meeting, Sheriff Chody said he was told there is a liability concern which could push the county to terminate any written or verbal contract.

“There’s always the potential for something to occur but that potential is there even when the cameras aren’t there,” said Chody.

The show follows first responders out on patrol and that's something Chody said is helpful when wanting to be a transparent department, even if it means showing times deputies mess up.

“(I) got complaints that they weren’t wearing their seatbelts, we write tickets for people not wearing their seatbelts, and I didn’t even notice it when I saw the program but we addressed the process and said we got the set the example,” said Chody.

Along with being transparent to the public, Chody said they now no longer have an issue trying to hire.

“When I came here 2 and a half years ago we had 30 vacancies in corrections, we have a waiting list on applications now,” said Chody.

While the fate of the contract is uncertain, Chody said he feels the time being on the show has helped bring the community together.

Commissioners court is Tuesday morning at 9:30. Chody said he plans to attend and address the court about renewing the contract.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to Big Fish Entertainment for comments but have not received any response at this time.