Man charged in domestic violence incident in Steiner Ranch

A man has been charged in connection with a domestic violence incident in Steiner Ranch that the Travis County Sheriff’s Office says they are happy did not get anyone killed.

47-year old Britt Howe was arrested and charged with burglary with intent to commit a felony. 

Deputies say Howe held a gun to his mother and got her to drive to the Meritage at Steiner Ranch complex where his ex-wife lives on Sunday.

“He forced his mother to knock on the door of that apartment,” TCSO spokesperson Kristen Dark said. “When she did, one of the residents of the apartment opened the door and she ran inside the apartment, locked the door and warned them.”

The ex-wife and two others inside ran to hide on the third floor of the apartment. 

“The suspect fired several rounds, one of which was shot into the door and forced entry into the apartment, then eventually found his way to the occupants who were hiding,” Dark said. “He managed to get to where they were. One of the occupants confronted him, started fighting him and was actually able to get the weapon away and subdue him.”

At the same time, the ex-wife and one other made the jump from the third floor to the second floor balcony of a neighbor to call police.

“They didn't jump straight down, they had to jump sideways to hit it,” Dark said. “The fact that the two of them made that jump successfully and were able to get to the second floor balcony is pretty amazing.”

Dark says domestic violence cases are unfortunately common for law enforcement, but this was extreme.

“If it were not for the actions of the mother and the other occupants who fought with the suspect,” Dark said, “this could have been a very, very tragic scene.”

Despite several bullets being fired, nobody was hit. Only one minor injury was reported.

TCSO says burglary is the only charge Howe faces at this time, however more charges could be brought within the coming days.