Man escapes from patrol vehicle in WilCo after arrest

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is looking for Ronald Scott Jr. whom they said managed to escape from a deputy's patrol vehicle on Monday. 

“The video shows the suspect is in the back seat of a deputy's car that has a partition,” said Sheriff Robert Chody. "The partition has a small window that is open where deputies can talk through to the suspect if they need to."

Like a handcuffed Houdini, he climbed through the small opening and out through the front door of the SUV, which was unlocked.

“The deputy at the time returned back to the violator's vehicle to do an inventory search before the wrecker came to pick up the vehicle, only to turn around and see that the subject was running away,” said Chody.

This all started when the deputy pulled Scott over in the outskirts of Taylor for a traffic violation. She then found out he had warrants and arrested him.

“He was cooperative. He was just talking and pleading, please don't take me to jail,” said Chody.

For the sheriff, it's not something he sees on a normal basis.

“To crawl through the window portion or partition is the first for me as sheriff,” said Chody.

WCSO is hoping someone recognizes him. In addition to his warrants, the sheriff says Scott will also be charged for escaping from custody.

“The fact that he escaped from custody is a serious offense so we are actively looking for him,” said Chody.

Anyone who sees Scott is urged to call the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at 512-943-1313.