Man sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault

Yesterday, a Travis County jury convicted 27-year-old Nicodemo Coria-Gonzalez of sexually assaulting a 56-year-old woman in Austin. Today, they sentenced him to life in prison.

Earlier today, DNA evidence was presented. It showed Coria-Gonzalez’s DNA matching the 56-year-old woman, who testified yesterday in court and other alleged victims.

Some of them described how he brutally sexually assaulted them.

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Both sides made their closing arguments, and the jury deliberated for about three hours before making their unanimous decision. Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore says, "These are extremely important cases to us in a case like this where the victims are so vulnerable and it's so hard for them I think to see them actually come in this courtroom and confront the person who assaulted them so savagely it helps us get to justice. And we're very proud of them."

In addition to the life sentence, Coria-Gonzalez is ordered to pay a one thousand dollar fine.