Marble Falls man shares frustration with Tesla Insurance after April hailstorm

An April hail storm that hit Marble Falls left Zane Weathers’ Tesla Model 3 pretty banged up.

"I was actually driving it while it was happening," said Weathers. "It has holes like three, four inches big."

Being insured through Tesla, he quickly filed a claim.

"I sent everything in, and it said your claim is submitted, and it gave me an adjuster," said Weathers. "They said that I would hear from them in one to two weeks."

Instead, Weathers said it took a couple of months to receive an email from the adjuster that simply let him know they had been assigned. 

Now, almost three months since the storm, he is still waiting to move forward.

"I've been trying to call like twice a week for like two months and her voicemail is full," said Weathers.

He also called the office line, and tried to submit a new claim to get a new adjuster, but he was told that wasn’t an option.

In recent reviews to the Better Business Bureau, customers recounted similar experiences with Tesla Insurance, like waiting months and not being able to reach their adjuster. 


According to the Texas Department of Insurance, in 2023 there were 77,328 Tesla Property & Casualty policyholders. TPC is the entity that operates in Texas.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners data shows that in 2023, there were 28 complaints about Tesla Property & Casualty filed across four states, including Texas. 10 of the 28 were related to "claim handling" and "policyholder service."

For now, Zane Weathers plays a waiting game, but it's his only mode of transportation.

"I vacuum the glass, but it just falls from the ceiling, he said. "I've just been kind of in limbo."

FOX 7 reached out to Tesla with questions and is waiting to hear back.