Memorial for solider killed in Hit and Run

So far this year there have been four fatal hit and run cases in Austin. One of those victims was remembered during a roadside ceremony.

It was a sad and slow march Wednesday morning near the intersection of Hwy 183 and East Riverside Dr. The gathering, organized by Veronica Carmona, was done to put up a wooden cross memorial. It's for a young man and soldier who she never knew but was with the night he, died

"I felt the pain of his mother, the loss. The confusion, her child is gone, and to me it's like a piece of my child," said Carmona.

Sgt. Derek Pagan, a Fort Hood soldier, was killed nearly a month ago while apparently trying to cross the highway. Carmona and her boyfriend drove up on the hit and run scene and used their car to shield pagan's body.

"When we ride through this street every day, we have a vision of that night, that won't go away."

The long embraces and tears at the ceremony showed just how difficult and emotional this good bye was for members of Pagan's Army unit. A little more than a dozen soldiers came to Austin to help dedicate the memorial.

"I'm still in disbelief that this happened, it happened so quick, I talked to him the night before the concert and then I got the call the next day saying that he was gone," said Army Specialist Sally Dang.

Derek Pagan was in Austin April 25th to attend a music concert. It was held here at Carson Creek Ranch. The venue is about 3miles from where his body was found. Investigators believe he got separated from a friend at the concert and decided to walk back to his hotel.

"There was some evidence that was left at the scene by the suspect vehicle that we'll be able to match up with the likely suspect but we need the public's help in identifying that vehicle to us," said APD Lt Keith Suitt when he was interviewed a few days after the incident.

And that's the other purpose for the roadside memorial. A reminder for everyone who drives by that a family is still waiting for justice.