More places evacuated following Georgetown gas leak

There's still no end in site for the gas leak evacuation in Georgetown. More people and businesses had to be evacuated.

Crews continue to work 24/7 in the area as well as checking the surrounding area. Parts of the area still remain blocked off and it's now been two weeks since the gas leaks where reported.

Right now a total of 61 businesses and 26 homes are evacuated.

“It’s been busy very busy it’s hard to get in and out with all the trucks,” said Ruth Poole who lives near the gas leaks.

A gas leak near Williams Drive was reported just down the from where Poole lives.

“I’m hoping they get it fixed and they can move on,” said Poole. 

The answer to when everyone can return is still unknown.

“The gentleman I talked to or spoke to said they aren’t sure maybe a week, maybe another two weeks,” said Poole.

While Poole didn’t have to be evacuated crews did enter her property and dig around. She was told she was good to stay but with work being done a block away she’s worried she’s worried she may be next to leave.

“So far my fingers are crossed but so far I’m here and I hope I get to stay,” said Poole.

Originally it was 40 business and families who had to evacuate shortly after the leak was reported.

To those impacted, Atmos Energy is covering costs for a hotel and meals for families. They are also paying businesses and residents $100 a day while crews continue to work.

Atmos said they are monitoring the area for additional leaks and found pipes which need to be replaced.

The reason the area is unsafe is because of the amount of gas which leaked out and is still in the ground.

Atmos said the recent rains and the unique soil in the area is making it difficult for the gas to pass through. To help they have set up vacuums and dug holes throughout the area to help the gas ventilate.

The City of Georgetown said they are helping by providing police officers as security for the area, this cost is being covered by Atmos Energy. They are also providing utility system maps so Atmos can check sewer lines for gas.



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