Mutilated animal left on front porch could be missing dog, Charlotte woman says

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A South Charlotte woman made a shocking discovery this weekend outside her home.

Ally Montier said an animal carcass was found right outside her door, and it appeared to have been placed there.  The remains were of a small animal that had been skinned, with its head and paws missing.

That discovery is especially troubling to Montier, who had been searching for her missing dogs, two pugs named Coco Chanel and Valentino, since April of last year.  FOX 46 interviewed her back when the theft initially happened, after she became the victim of a burglary.

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Montier believes the remains could be of one of her dogs.  She believes the remains were deliberately placed at her doorstep.

CMPD is investigating the incident.  Animal Control took away the remains for possible identification.

There is no word yet on a suspect or motive.