New updated permanent two-day watering schedule in Georgetown

Last week, the Georgetown City Council approved an update to the city's water use requirements ordinance.

The city is currently operating under a two-day watering schedule for irrigation systems and hose-end sprinklers.

According to officials the city has been operating under phase one of the Drought Contingency Plan for the past year.

"Lake Georgetown isn't going dry we just are not able to keep up with the demand of water when people are irrigating their lawns," said James Foutz, the Georgetown Marketing Conservation Manager.

As part of a state review that happens every five years city officials evaluated the long term water supply making sure there would be enough water to meet future demand. 

When looking at how to meet that objective the city observed the irrigation schedule and determined that going to a permanent two-day schedule would accomplish those water goals. 

"I think there is an obligation on the city to make sure we manage that resource for all citizens for as long as possible," said Foutz.  

The two-day schedule allows for watering to take place six days out of the week excluding Monday.

Monday is the only day excluded as the city says it will be a day devoted to recovery for the system and maintenance. 

The new permanent two-day watering schedule approved by the council goes by the last digit of customers' street address:

  • Addresses ending in 1, 5 and 9 can water on Tuesday and Friday
  • Addresses ending in 2, 4, 6 and 8 can water on Wednesday and Saturday
  • Addresses ending in 0, 3 and 7 can water on Thursday and Sunday

The city requests that watering with an irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler should be done between the hours of noon to 7 p.m.

The city says if you are using a hand-held hose or bucket, you can water at any time on any day.

According to the city officials those who violate the irrigation schedule may face fines.

Come April 23rd, city officials will be voting on the ordinance and if passed would go into effect as early May.