No one knows how cat from Michigan ended up in Tampa

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It's a mystery no one seems to be able to unravel. How did a cat from Michigan find his way to Florida?

The very lost kitty, named Daisy Duck Bandit, was brought to Blue Pearl Pet Hospital by a woman who thought he was a stray.

Luckily, his owner had given Daisy Duck Bandit a microchip. But when the folks at Blue Pearl looked up the owner’s information, they were surprised to see an address in Dearborn, Michigan.

The cat’s owners say Daisy Duck Bandit went missing before Halloween. They looked everywhere with no luck.

No one knows how Daisy found his way to Tampa, but his owner is working to raise the money to get him flown back home to Michigan.

Meanwhile, Daisy Duck Bandit is happy and healthy.

“He's in great shape, doesn't have medical issues. Obviously, he was well cared for at home and he's being well cared for here and we're looking forward to a safe return,” said Blue Pearl’s Curtis Krueger.

The folks at Blue Pearl say this is a good reminder to always get your pets microchipped.

Anyone who would like to help Daisy Duck Bandit return it his owner can visit