Officials targeting Sunday for end of mandatory boil water notice

UPDATE: Officials with Austin Water are targeting Sunday for the end of Austin’s mandatory boil water notice. Residents are still being asked to conserve their water consumption for the time being. 



Austin Water issued a mandatory boil water notice after drinking water quality didn't meet state standards at one plant on Tuesday.

The boil water notice had previously been a precautionary measure, however, on Tuesday the turbidity standard was exceeded, making the notice mandatory, as required by The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Austin Water says it was a brief spike in turbidity and they reduced output at the plant sending the level back down below standard.  

Turbidity is one of the quality standards for public drinking water. Though it doesn't have health effects itself it can interfere with disinfection and can indicate the presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites, according to Austin Water. 

All Austin Water customers should continue to boil their water for drinking, cooking or ice making. The water should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for three minutes. 

Customers are also asked to continue to reduce their water usage. Outdoor water use continues to be prohibited.