'Orange socks' identified after four decades

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Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to release the name of 'orange socks.'

Sheriffy Chody also explained how the Cold Case Unit identified the victim.

The victim is identified as Debra Jackson, 23, from Abilene. 



In 1979, a passerby discovered the body of a woman lying in a ditch along Interstate 35. Deputies gave her the name 'orange socks' because that's all she had on her body. For almost 40 years, the murder investigation has remained shrouded in mystery because authorities have not been able to discover the identity of the woman.


The grave for 'orange socks' sits inside the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Georgetown. It says unidentified woman. Coins and golf balls are placed on the marker believed to be from strangers paying respects.



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