Overnight thunderstorms bring flash flooding to Hutto

Heavy rain and flash flooding caused issues for residents in Williamson County Friday night and early Saturday morning. The rain flooded parks, roads and some homes in the area.     

Most of the water has receded, but as rain continues throughout the weekend and into next week residents are being asked to be cautious. Popular hike and bike trails in Brushy Creek Lake Park were flooded due to Friday night's heavy rainfall.  "We were walking up to the parking lot and I was like I swear there was a dock here," said Jeff Griswold.

Runners and bikers were able to find alternate paths while some residents made the best out of the situation. Griswold was out fishing and said he usually cast his line from the dock. "As we got closer I could actually see the edge the railings and I was like 'oh it's actually underwater," said Griswold. 

Fitz Park in Hutto also flooded, drone footage shows trees and buildings submerged in water. 

Local businesses were also affected by the rains. 

Hutto city officials issued partial road closures in the area following the heavy rains. Most of the roads have since been reopened with the exception of County Road 137.

Jaime Church was caught in the storm. "So we ended up having to go 79 to 3349 and up couldn't go over five miles an hour the entire way it was the scariest ride home I've ever had," said Church. 

She spent Friday night and early Saturday without power.

Church said her front yard resembled more of a lake after the storm hit.

"It was already a lake a soon as we came down the road. We had six feet of water, you could have probably drove a boat on our yard with not trouble," said Church. 

She urges everyone to use caution when traveling on flooded roads.  

"You have minutes to get out of situations like that.  You make one wrong turn and your car can be washed off. Remember turn around don't drown you can't emphasize that enough," said Church.  

Hutto police are urging residents to heed warnings and do not cross roads that are flooded as the water could be deeper than you think.