Piles of debris being fished out of Lake LBJ in Kingsland

Piles of debris are being removed from Lake LBJ in Kingsland.

The community is focusing on cleaning the lake following the devastating October floods.

The plan is to get most, if not all, of the lake cleaned up before the summer as that's the most popular time in the area for visitors.

They want to make sure the water is safe before anyone jumps in.

Barges packed full of debris can be seen traveling up and down Lake LBJ in Kingsland.

“From debris, trees, roots, to boats, boat docks, pipe, any kind of steel imaginable, it's all underneath the surface right now,” said Kevin Todd with KT Waterfront Construction.

Right now, the community is banding together to focus their cleanup efforts on the lake itself following October’s devastating flood.

“We're human beings, people helping people to get us back on track,” said Pat Muller with Valentine Lakeside.

For Muller and Todd, both who have businesses along the lake, getting the water cleaned up before summer is crucial.

“To ensure our lake is safe this summer. Kids are going to come out they are going to swim and their going to ski,” said Muller.

One of the problems cleanup crews are running into is the amount of sand the flood dumped in the area. The sand is covering up a lot of debris which can potential be dangerous to those in the water.  

“The last thing we want is for people to get hurt,” said Todd.

Both Muller and Todd, as well as many others, are loading up barges with anything they come across in the water. “It's everybody's lake, we need everybody to help there's still a lot to get,” said Todd.

Anything they can't get while out there, they mark with water buoys “We'll get it when we can or however it's got to be gotten,” said Todd.

While this is the most destructive flooding in decades, Muller said this isn't their first rodeo. “This is not our first flood and it probably won't be our last. The community has survived other floods and it will survive this one,” said Muller.

As long as dangerous debris remains under the surface both Muller and Todd said they will continue to be out there until the lake is safe.

Anyone with a boat and fish finder is urged to help during this cleanup process, they will be having another community clean up event in March.