Police working with apartment complexes to track down serial predator

"It's kind of frustrating. I kind of have to talk to my three year old. If we're getting out after dark, I'll talk to him before we get out. I tell him, 'I'm going to carry you. We're just going to go straight in.' I don't like that I have to have those types of conversations with him so young just to keep us safe," says Kayla Prasek, resident at Channings Mark Apartment Homes.

She lives at Channings Mark Apartment Homes in Northwest Austin, where the most recent sexual assault happened.

On April 17th, police say a woman was walking around the complex and grabbed from behind. The suspect ran off after she screamed.

"I think the fact that our proximity to the greenbelt makes us an easy target for somebody. Any crime, it doesn't have to be sexual assaults but specifically sexual assaults. I know when our neighbor was assaulted, he ran off in that direction which is the greenbelt. Within a good 15 seconds of running, you're out of sight and nobody can see you," says Prasek.

OnApril  28th, APD sent out a letter to property managers saying they are expanding their investigation. 

They asked each apartment complex to provide a list of business names that have been utilized since November of 2015 to do a variety of work on the property - from repair crews to painters.

"It's interesting. The outside of our building was totally re-done, so I  think that theory is worth following up on," says Prasek.

APD is currently investigating 7 sexual assault cases that were reported in Northwest Austin. The dates range from the end of December to mid-April.

APD has also gone to businesses handing out flyers and asking for their cooperation. International Montessori says they recently had a car broken into in front of their building. They're more concerned about the children in their care knowing a sexual assault suspect is on the loose.

"They should do something to catch the guy and to solve the problem, so we can feel safer," says Alina Posdelnicu, International Montessori.

The suspect police are looking for is described as:

  • White or Hispanic male
  • Wearing a gray or dark hoodie
  • Thin build
  • 5'05"-5'09" in height

Police are working with apartment complexes in Northwest Austin to track down a sexual predator. They're asking for a list of contractors to see who has been coming in and out of the buildings.

APD is investigating seven sexual assault cases in Northwest Austin. The most recent case was in April. Police say a woman was walking around the Channings Mark Apartment Homes when she was grabbed from behind. The man ran off when she screamed.

Police sent out a letter to property managers at several complexes to ask for a list of businesses that have been hired to do work on their properties since November 2015. They've also asked for an email to be sent to tenants notifying them to remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

The suspect is described by police as a white or Hispanic man, about 5'7" with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a grey or dark hoodie.

APD has also passed out flyers to nearby businesses. They say they've received a lot of tips. If you see someone suspicious you're asked to call 9-1-1.