Presidential hopeful introduces plan to break apart tech companies at SXSW

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is bringing the fight to large tech companies. In a sit down interview at South by Southwest Saturday afternoon, she discussed her regulatory plan to break up some of the country's largest tech companies.

"I'm deeply concerned right now that the space around companies like Amazon Facebook Google is not referred to by capitalists as the kill zone," Warren said.

A bold move speaking to a city developing into a tech hub.

The moderator asked Google, Amazon, and Facebook employees in the audience to stand.

Senator Warren told the crowd the plan would be beneficial for everybody including the market place she said it's like playing baseball. "You can be an umpire a platform or you can own teams that's fine but you can't be an umpire and own one of the teams that's in the game so the principal here is to break those apart," said Warren.

Warren touched on key issues in her campaign concerning racial and economic inequality. "It's not a leveled playing field and the reason it is not leveled because government in Washington has their hand on the scale for the rich and the powerful," said Warren.

The presidential hopeful pledges to run a grass roots campaign and urges her democratic colleagues to do the same. "The way will do that is to run all of our campaigns as grassroots up, no corporate tax money, no lobbyists money and to not spend all our time with millionaires," Warren said.



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