Proposed legislation highlight sexual assault issues in Texas

Recent numbers show there are nearly 900 sexual assaults in Williamson and Travis counties every year. 

On Monday, lawmakers are highlighting a series of bills filed this session as they work to prevent sexual assault in the state. 

State Senator Kirk Watson has filed at least six bills aimed at preventing sexual assault and empowering survivors. Many of them focus on improving the criminal justice system in Texas and higher education practices relating to sexual assault. 

One proposal would improve the training Texas law enforcement officers receive by making sure it's up to date and trauma informed. Another would prohibit employers from demanding workers sign a confidentiality agreement regarding assault or harassment, but allows survivors to do so if they want. 

Senate Bill 588 sets out more specific procedures to collect and test rape kits to ensure Texas is processing the evidence efficiently. Austin police recently made big changes after an audit found dozens of rape kits classified incorrectly. 

Watson is hosting Monday's press conference.