PUCT requesting public input on reliability standard for Texas electric grid

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is asking for public input to help the Commission develop a reliability standard for the ERCOT electric grid.

Senate Bill 3, passed in 2021, requires the PUCT to develop a reliability standard and increase the reliability of the ERCOT grid through both operational and economic improvements, says the commission.

PUCT says its staff filed a memo on March 7 detailing previous work the Commission has done to develop a standard and requesting public, industry and stakeholder input on the current development project, Project No. 54584. The staff memo includes specific questions for respondents to address in their comments.

Public comments can be filed through the PUCT's online Interchange Filing System or by submitting a paper copy to Central Records, Public Utility Commission of Texas, 1701 North Congress Avenue, P.O. Box 13326, Austin, Texas 78711-3326. 

Instructions for making a public filing with the PUCT are available here.

All comments should reference Project No. 54584 and each set of comments should include a standalone executive summary as the last page, says the commission. This executive summary should be clearly labeled with the submitting entity's name and should list each recommendation made in the comments.