Search ends for suspicious occupants of vehicle in Kyle

Authorities the search has ended for the suspicious occupants of a vehicle in Kyle.

Kyle police say that around 2 a.m. one of its officers was patrolling a park and came across a suspicious vehicle. When the officer approached the vehicle the driver took off which led to a short pursuit.

The vehicle ended up crashing into the front yard of a house and knocked down a tree.

Two suspects took off on foot. Officials say Kyle police used the Austin Police Department's helicopter to try to locate the suspects but called the search off after an hour of looking.

Lt. Andre Marmolejo with the Kyle Police Department told FOX 7 Austin this morning that "At this point point in time we have no reason to think that any of the neighbors are in danger or the public. The individuals didn't make any type of assault with police when they were pursuing and relatives that we made contact with of the suspect have given us no indication that they're a danger to anybody."

As Lt. Marmolejo stated police have identified one of the suspects.

The vehicle was towed and no one was hurt inside the home. Officials say the occupants of the home didn't even hear the crash.