Search for vehicle after man killed in hit-and-run

A man was killed in a hit-and-run in North Austin Thursday morning. 

Police say around 6:15 a.m. a man, who they believe is approximately 40-years-old, was crossing the street in front of a Capital Metro Bus stop on the 8700 block of North Lamar Boulevard, near Fairfield Drive. The man was struck by a small blue or black pickup truck.

The driver fled the scene. “So, we are asking for the public's help in locating this vehicle.” explained Cpl. Chad Martinka with the Austin Police Department. 

The victim was transported to the Dell Seton Medical Center. Medics performed CPR en route, but the man was pronounced dead. The pickup truck is believed to have extensive damage to it’s front passenger side, specifically, near the headlight. 

Martinka said the department believes darkness played a role in the crash.

He also says the victim was jaywalking, and urged others to use crosswalks. The two crosswalks located nearest to the bus stop are on Peyton Gin Road and Thurmond Street. Both crosswalks are a six minute walk from the bus stop the man was killed in front of, according to Google maps. 

Those who live and work in the neighborhood describe the crashes as constant. “There’s crashes here all the time.” complained Clementina Villa, who works across the street from the scene. 

Villa said she would like to see more crosswalks and stoplights in the area. 



Man dead after hit-and-run auto pedestrian crash