Sesame Street's Elmo helps Round Rock officials talk about fireworks ordinances

Round Rock officials recently called in a friend from Sesame Street to help remind residents about the city's firework ordinances ahead of July 4th.

In a video posted to the city's and fire department's Facebook pages, Elmo warns of the potential safety risk and also the risk to your wallet if caught breaking the law.

"It's really not smart, you could end up with a fine of up to $2,000 and that's a lot of cookies…Elmo loves cookies," he said.

In addition to impacting your cookie fund, use or possession of fireworks is a Class A misdemeanor also punishable by up to six months in jail. 

"Elmo loves you and wants you and all of Round Rock to be safe. No more fireworks! Got it? Good. Remember, Elmo loves you and happy Fourth of July," Elmo added.

The City explicitly prohibits the sale or use of any fireworks, which include devices that make a visible or audible effect when set off. The City’s ordinance also specifically outlaws possession and use of sparklers, skyrockets and firecrackers.

Professional fireworks displays sanctioned by the City are exempt from this ordinance.

The City also says that just because you live outside the city limits doesn't mean it's legal to use fireworks. In Williamson County, there is a 5,000-foot fireworks-free buffer zone around all cities.

According to the City, fireworks cause more than $36 million in property damage nationwide and fire departments respond to more fires on July 4 than any other day of the year because of careless handling of fireworks.

Citizens who have fireworks may turn them in to the Inspection Division without penalty by contacting 512-218-5590. Citizens who wish to report illegal use of fireworks should call 512-218-5500.

If you want to see fireworks in Round Rock to celebrate the holiday, the City will be holding its July 4th Parade and Frontier Days event on Thursday, July 4, which will have a fireworks show alongside a performance by the Austin Symphonic Band.