Shelter 'marries' bonded pair of senior dogs to help get them adopted together

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Photo Courtesy: Kennebec Valley Humane Society

Senior dogs Jack and Diane will be eating kibble together for better or worse. 

The mixed-breed pair of pooches have been calling the Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine home since August 2018 when they were found as strays in a cemetery. They are bonded, which means they must find a loving home willing to take both of them.

But as adorable as they are, they've been passed over for adoption since coming to the shelter.

So, the shelter staff decided to 'marry' the two in hopes of raising awareness to potential adopters.

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society held a wedding ceremony at the shelter, complete with a veil for Diane and a tuxedo collar for Jack.

“Our blushing bride and handsome groom may be considered ‘seniors’, but they will forever be young at heart!” said the shelter in a Facebook post. “And you know where they'd like to go for their honeymoon? Home.”

Director of Operations Stevanie Roy tells Fox 35 that the furry duo is still up for adoption.

"We haven’t had any applications placed on them. We do same day adoptions so we are just waiting for the right people to come by to meet them."

Roy says Jack is around 10-years-old and Diane is about 7-years-old. Although they've only been 'married' February 6, they act like an old married couple, with Diane clearly wearing the pants in the relationship.

"They need a quiet retirement home with no other animals - to live their lives out being spoiled with comfortably beds, plenty of treats, and unlimited amounts of love."