Single tickets for 'Hamilton' Austin shows on sale 4/12

The smash musical "Hamilton" is one of the shows included in this year's Lexus Broadway in Austin presented by Texas Performing Arts program and single tickets go on sale April 12.

Performances at Bass Concert Hall will be from May 28 to June 16 and there will only be a limited amount of tickets available for purchase.

Tickets can only be bought online and will not be available to purchase over the phone.

Sales start at 10 a.m. on April 12.

Below is the process for buying online:

  • Visit on April 12 before 10 a.m.
  • You'll enter a virtual waiting room
  • At 10 a.m. everyone who is in the waiting room will be randomly assigned a place in the queue
  • After 10 a.m. new people entering the waiting room will be added at the end of the queue.
  • If you are in the queue and there are only a few tickets or tickets sell out, you will be notified with a message on the screen.

Those wanting to purchase tickets will also have to have a Texas Performing Arts account which you can get for free.

You may only purchase up to four tickets per household. No refunds and exchanges as all sales are final.

For more information and for tips on what you should look out for when purchasing you can go here.