Storm rips roof off home near Lockhart

Many people in the Lockhart area are still recovering following last night's storm. The winds were strong enough to rip the roof off of a home as well as knock over trees.

“It hasn't sunk in, I don't know what I’m going to do,” said Veronique Matthews.

She was left to pick up the pieces after Sunday’s storm tore through her home near Lockhart. The roof gone and piles of debris are inside the living room

“The house was built with cement walls which I did and I think those cement walls literally saved us,” Matthews said. “We were downstairs between two cement walls and we are still here.” 

In those 45 minutes Matthews was taking cover, she says she could clearly hear the moment she lost the roof. 

“The noise was it was beyond understanding,” Matthews said. “We heard the roof start peeling back, it was a while before we realized the entire roof was peeling off the house.” 

The storm left most of the roof right in their front yard and also caused damage to the inside, but to her surprise many wall decorations were untouched. Matthews had received roof and water damage from Hurricane Harvey two years ago but nothing to this level.

“There's two bedrooms sort of livable but the fact that the ceilings were wet during the height of the storm that will be mold, those ceilings will be completely covered in mold,” said Matthews.

What concerned Matthews the most during the storm wasn't the home. Her place used to also be a horse therapy ranch so she still has plenty of animals on her land, ranging from dogs to miniature horses. All were accounted for the next day. 

“They are absolutely fine they were not stressed,” said Matthews.

Just down the road more storm damage can be found. People spent the day cutting up fallen trees. Matthews says it could have been a lot worse. 

“The house can go, we are ok, we will make it,” said Matthews. 

For now, she plans to take it day by day while she figures out what to do next.