Suspect steals packages dressed as UPS worker

Earlier this week, south Austin homeowner Stacie Putnam captured on video, a man dressed as a UPS worker taking a package from her porch, in broad daylight. He then walks toward what appears to be a regular car, not a UPS truck. According to police, this is something that can easily happen

“If you see an individual wearing a UPS or FedEx outfit and he's not riding around in a truck or something they'd normally ride in, go ahead and report it,” said Sgt. David Daniels, Austin Police Department.

Also Theresa L., a Leander resident captured a person stealing off her porch just a day after the south Austin incident. Police say these incidents can happen year round, but especially the holiday season.

“If individuals see packages on the doorsteps, more than likely they know somebody's not home. People have to rethink how they want their packages delivered,” said Daniels.

One idea that could help: have packages delivered to a trusted neighbor. Niki Powers who works from home, is letting her friends' packages be delivered to her house. She says, she was inspired to do this, after hearing about one family who had precious items stolen.

“Their baby products were stolen off their front porch and that day, I said you know what, ‘If you guys are expecting holiday packages, if you want, you can send them to my house,’” said Powers.

The Round Rock resident said she hears of these incidents all too often.

“I've had lots and lots of friends post on Facebook that they've had amazon, USPS products, and boxes just stolen right off their porch,” said Powers.

To avoid this situation, leave a note telling the delivery person "not" to leave the package at the door. If your place of business allows, have it delivered there. Amazon also has "lockers" packages can be delivered to. All ways to keep a grinch from stealing your Christmas.

“It's just incredibly sad to see how low people will go. They don't even know what they're getting. They don't even know what they're getting, they just take the boxes,” said Powers.