Suspects still on the run following deadly robbery in North Austin

Austin police are investigating the first murder of 2019.

According to APD, 49-year-old, Pedro Calcalel was attacked in north Austin over the weekend and, died Monday.

They believe he was stabbed during a robbery. Police said Calcalel left his apartment to throw away some trash. It's during this time he was approached by several people looking to rob him, those people still on the run.

“He was gone a couple minutes according to family members,” said Detective Rogelio Sanchez with APD.

According to detective Sanchez, Calcalel made his way back to his apartment after being stabbed Sunday evening in the parking lot of the Villas of Quail Creek apartments.

“He lived in the apartment complex along with family members in the same apartment,” said Sanchez. From there, he was taken to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery. “Unfortunately, Mr. Calcalel succumbed to his injuries the following day Monday the 21st,” said Sanchez.

Police are unsure who attacked Calcalel.

“Right now, we are looking to 2 to 3 male subjects we believe them to be Hispanic males with dark complexion or black males who speak Spanish,” said Sanchez.

While police say this was a robbery they're sure what the attackers were after.

“Specifically, family members of the victim they relayed nothing was taken from the victim according to what the victim told them,” said Sanchez.

This marks Austin’s first murder for 2019. Last year the first murder of the year also happened on the same day.

In 2018, Austin police investigated around 35 such cases which is roughly 5 fewer than 2016, a year which saw what the department says was a high number of murders.

“I've been in homicide for 17 years and usually see our murder rate stable around 30 to 35 murders, 2016 was unusually high,” said Sanchez.

In this case, Detective Sanchez said they don't believe Calcalel knew his attackers. 

If you have any information on this recent murder you are urged to contact APD.