Taylor, still repairing damage from Memorial Day, braces for heavy rainfall

TAYLOR, Texas— Taylor residents are holding their breaths. Nearly 100 remain in the rebuilding process after suffering great losses during the Memorial Day flood.

Another rain event would really be devastating for Taylor residents.

On Memorial Day, Terrence Scott watched from his door step as his neighbors witnessed flood water overtake their homes.

"Their shelves are floating. Their TV's on it. They've lost everything," Scott said. "At this moment, I'm thinking, ‘is it really possible that I could lose everything?’"

His family would be spared.

"I really hope we don't have to go through a repeat of that," Scott said.

East of there, more evidence of damage. A total of 200 households were affected.

Pastor Jeff Ripple oversees a long-term recovery committee that is assisting victims.

"I'm sure it's creating stress in these families. Is everything I've just done to bring my house to the level of recovery it's at, is this all going to be undone," Ripple explained.

"Certainly our city is on alert, more so than in the past," Pat Ekiss, the city’s fire chief, said.

Ekiss, who is also the emergency management coordinator for the city, says he will increase staffing starting Friday afternoon.

He says the city has also improved its early warning call system.

"We feel confident that call, if needed, will go out quickly," Ekiss said.

But just as emergency responders are preparing, he says you should too.

"We all have a responsibility as citizens to take care of ourselves. And really that is the most effective prevention, 90 percent of it. So, if we can convince our citizens- prepare now. Stay home if necessary. They know typically where flooding occurs, if they need to move to higher ground, begin that process now," Ekiss said.

If you haven't signed up for your city's reverse 911 call system, do that now. For Taylor residents, click here.

There are 92 families registered in a long-term recovery program. They are in need of monetary donations. The united way is collecting those. Click here to help.