Texas lawmaker wants voters to decide between year-round standard time, daylight saving

The lawmaker who was pushing a bill to end daylight saving time is now working on legislation that would allow voters to decide on the measure in a statewide referendum.

Rep. Lyle Larson said his focus is shifting slightly to trying to set up a vote that would have Texans choose between keeping standard time year-round or observing daylight saving time year-round.

"I'm tired of changing the clocks twice a year," Larson said in a legislative hearing on Wednesday at the Texas Capitol.

Larson said he doesn’t mind which time voters would choose. His priority is ending the annual clock-shifting.

“If the resolution passes the Legislature, the election would be held in November of this year,” Lyle said in a Facebook post.

There is a catch – federal law presently only allows states to shift to standard time permanently. If voters approved daylight saving time year-round, Congress would have to amend federal law for such a change to occur.