The ol' 'Thanksgiving at the airport' live-shot through the years

The ol' "Thanksgiving-reporter-live-shot-at-the-airport" is as much of a tradition as turkey and dressing.

Wednesday morning on Good Day Austin, FOX 7's Jacqueline Sarkissian was live at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport reporting on the crowds arriving at peak travel times for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Way back in 1985, KTBC reporter Carolyn Tyler was there too...kind of...just at the Mueller Airport. "Thanksgiving 1985 could be a cut above the rest.  I talked with one local travel agent today, she told me she has booked more passengers for this Thanksgiving period than in the past 8 years," Tyler said.

Back to present day, ABIA spokesperson Derick Hackett says about 41,000 passengers will come through the airport on a daily basis through the holidays.  

He says thanks to airport growth, Thanksgiving is no big deal.

"Thanksgiving now is not in the top 25 of the travel days," Hackett said. 

On Tuesday, Emily Sasser was headed to Ohio with her 17-month-old identical twin daughters.

"Fly during naptime if possible.  Capitalize on naps on the plane.  Bring snacks," Sasser said.

We asked Karen Washington how she stays calm in the holiday rush. "Hydration, hydration, hydration and I take my vitamins, D, B's everything...just to 'woosah woosah,'" she said.

Uhh Woosah?  

Washington says 'Woosah' means taking a moment to reflect and remember to have a great time.

One piece of airport advice that really hasn't changed over the better get there early ok?

"We advise that you come 2 hours earlier to go through the process," Hackett said.

The airport says peak travel times are from 5am to 8am., from 11 am to 1pm., and then from 3:30 to 5:30 so that's when you really don't want to be late.