The 'show must go on' for Williamson County's 'LIVE PD' involvement

The "show must go on" for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office.  The show being Live PD – it follows officers on patrol, including WilCo deputies who have been a part of the show since late last year.  

"It was a 3-2 vote, very excited, very happy," said Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody.

At Tuesday morning’s Commissioner’s Court meeting in Williamson County, commissioners discussed weather to terminate the contract with Big Fish Entertainment, Live PD’s production company. "What I have heard from community leaders, citizens and business owners is that they don’t believe a national TV show highlighting crime is an accurate portrayal of life in Williamson County," said Commissioner Cynthia Long.  

With Chody in the "hot seat" essentially, Commissioners voiced their concerns about the county’s involvement in the show. "My concern at all times, no matter if it’s this issue or other issues would be about a liability for the County and risks that we would run in lawsuits," said Commissioner Valerie Covey. 

"Liability is liability no matter what, no matter whether there’s a camera present or not and that’s all I was trying to say," Chody said.  

Commissioners also talked about the positives. "I like what I see on Live PD because it reflects who we are.  I’ve seen justice but yet I’ve seen compassion," said County Judge Bill Gravell.

"I do like the show and I watch it live and I watch 3 hours of it live at times.  Don’t judge me," joked Commissioner Russ Boles. 

Chody told Commissioners Live PD has been great for recruiting.  And he says the support from the community has been overwhelming. "For all those people in the social media and the e-mail aspect I want to thank them personally because they surprised me to be completely honest with you."

Commissioners ultimately voted not to terminate the contract. "But for this issue and this day, I stand with Robert Chody.  Because he’s my Sheriff and he is my friend," Judge Gravell said.  

"They had some honest concerns I think and collectively I think they made the wise choice, the right choice.  They heard me, it was civil in there," Chody said.

There was also some talk about a SWAT episode of Live PD that didn’t look good for the county so there may be some changes to what Williamson County deputies will actually be a part of on the show in the future.  



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