Theresa Ann hands out 'Love with Lemons' lemonade at WilCo Sheriff's Office

6-year-old Theresa Ann Babcock spent some time handing out ice-cold lemonade at the Williamson County Sheriff's Office on Friday with Sheriff Robert Chody. "Her parents have brought her all the way from Nevada to do this, in fact she's done it all over Central Texas this week," Chody said.  

Earlier this week, she and Austin Police Chief Brian Manley hit it off.  

Next stop, Houston and Freeport. Theresa Ann's "Love with Lemons" lemonade stand supports fallen and injured officers, K-9 programs and more.

"Because officers help us," Theresa Ann said.  "Give it to the families of the police officers who died."

"It all started when she was like 2 and a half years old, she wanted to do a lemonade stand she saw off Disney," her Dad Robert Babcock said. Babcock says the answer at first was "no" because their neighborhood wasn't suited for selling lemonade.

A series of national tragedies where law enforcement officers lost their lives gave the Babcock's an idea. "Then Dallas happened, and Baton Rouge happened.  And at 3 years old she decided we'd do a lemonade stand, all the police officers could come out, it would be free for them and they would get donations from anybody else," Babcock said.

Her first lemonade stand she raised more than $1,300 to send to Baton Rouge Police families.

"She hasn't stopped. In 3 years she's raised over $10,000," Babcock said.  

Babcock says the lemonade money will go to a few different places, including an "injured police officers fund" in their home state. Babcock is proud of his daughter.

"To give up your summer at 6, 7 years old, I wouldn't be doing that, I'd be at the water park or somewhere else.  But she's giving up her summer to help others," Babcock said.  

"Not just saying they support police but going through a commitment level of driving across the country to do that and it's very encouraging and it's very encouraging for me as a Sheriff too because that's our future," Chody said.

Sheriff Chody says city and county leaders showed up for a glass of lemonade on Friday.  As well as everyday folks from Georgetown like the Bailey's. "I think it's important to show my kids that we support our law enforcement and we support a little girl who is out here for a great cause," said Liz Bailey.

Theresa Ann is hoping to raise $6,000 here in Texas. She was also in Hutto this afternoon.  

This weekend she'll be in Houston and Freeport next week.

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