Skeleton ziptied to rocking chair in North Austin stolen by thief

Someone has stolen another skeleton from an Austin yard.

This thief was caught on a security camera at 6:09 p.m. Thursday night taking a skeleton and a rocking chair from outside a home in North Austin.

The owner tells FOX 7 Austin that he ziptied the skeleton to the rocker hoping to prevent a theft, but the thief just decided to take off with both. The thief is seen loading the skeleton in the back of a black truck with a waiting driver inside.

A police report has been filed, and the owner says he's out about $250 for the skeleton and rocking chair.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect or the truck is asked to call Austin police.

This is the second time a skeleton has been stolen in Austin in the days leading up to Halloween. 

A security camera showed a thief steal a 12-foot Halloween skeleton from the front yard of a Northwest Austin home.

The incident went viral and since then, Lance Allen, the creator of the skeleton, found a replacement for the owner. It will be shipped out soon.