Travis County discuss debris removal for flood victims

Some much needed relief is coming for flood victims in Travis County.

Earlier this week, we showed you streets lined with debris in Graveyard Point. The county has since met to discuss the problem. “Hope I think is the word suddenly today I feel there is hope,” said Kim Lagrowne a Graveyard Point resident.

Ever since the flood, most of Kim Lagrowne's day involves moving damaged stuff out of her home. “Very few things were salvageable,” said Lagrowne, “I lost a lot of sentimental items but since they're gone, out of sight out of mind. What can you do about it?”

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For days Lagrowne said piles of her destroyed belongings sat by the road. “They hadn't come here; they've been around but they've been doing other loads, there are massive loads,” said Lagrowne.

Now it's a different story. “There's serenity now that's reestablishing and I can see that there's hope and I can see grass grow,” said Lagrowne. The county met Tuesday to talk about debris pick up efforts for flood victims.

“We have crews doing routine pickups around neighborhoods effected this happens every day or everyday depending on the trash building,” said Hector Nieto the Travis county public information officer. More than 400 buildings in the county were impacted by the flood.

“It's a large area which was affected so it does take time to check all the different areas so if you saw us on Monday you may not necessarily see us on Tuesday,” said Nieto.

For now, the county says the have a hold of the growing debris situation.

“If we do need additional help what Travis County will do is set up dumpsters in certain areas right now we don't see a need for that,” said Nieto.

With her area now much cleaner then it was just 24 hours ago. Lagrowne said she is ready to put this nightmare flooding to bed.

When it comes to debris pick up the county said they will be out picking up indefinitely.

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