Travis County Sheriff's Office enforcing boating safety on holiday

Nothing says Fourth of July like barbecue, fireworks, and a day out on Lake Travis.

"We just love being with our family, our friends, just spending time together lake travis is the perfect place to do that," said Kristi Monheit, boater.

As calm and serene as the water can be, law enforcement want to remind people that the lake can also be deadly. Just ask SCUBA diving company owner Robert Weiss. He said the lake's terrain can be tricky. "Somebody could be walking out and they see somebody else to one side walking into the water, but there can be an immediate one step drop," said Weiss, owner of Lake Travis SCUBA. 

The countless drownings over the years are examples of just how boaters and swimmers can never be too careful. In May, the TCSO said Rachel Scott fell off a party barge. She is still missing.

Also in May, swimmer Manuel Salas went missing. "You've got these big waves that roll your boat. It's easy to roll and fall over if you're not paying attention," said Weiss.

FOX 7 Austin caught up with lake patrol deputies on the holiday performing boating safety inspections. The sheriff’s office says they had three boats, with two deputies each out on the lake. For those driving the boats, it's important to remember, you can get in trouble for boating while intoxicated.

"We are out early, obviously no alcohol because of the kids. You have to be really aware of your surroundings," said Brandon Lewis, boater. 

To ensure safety, authorities say boaters and swimmers need to wear life jackets while on the lake.