Two Hays CISD schools no longer on lock out

UPDATE: According to Hays CISD, the lock out has been lifted and the "all clear" was given by law enforcement. 

Two Hays CISD schools are on lock out due to law enforcement conducting an investigation in the area, according to the district.

Simon Middle School and Hemphill Elementary are under a precautionary lock out as of 3:30 p.m. During a lock out, no students are released from the campus and no one is allowed to enter the buildings until the campuses receive an "all clear" from law enforcement.

According to Hays CISD director of communications Tim Savoy, everyone is safe inside the schools and most Hemphill students have left for the day, but there are some after-school care students on the campus. All students are still at Simon Middle School.

Activities inside the building are continuing as normal.

Savoy says the campuses are in lock out due to law enforcement conducting an investigation and search in the area and wanting to make sure no unauthorized people enter the campuses. There was no information on what kind of search or investigation is being conducted.

Below is a copy of the letter sent to parents and staff of both campuses: