Unique Christmas display sends a resounding message

In Caro Doffay’s yard is a typical letter to Santa.

It's a letter from 11-year-old Bobby, a fictional character created by Doffay.

“He wrote his first when he was six,” said Doffay.

She started writing the letters while living in Chicago, right after the Sandy Hook massacre. She would place a huge display of the letters in her yard, just like the one in her yard now. “Every year there is some kind of pressing, dark thing. How can we open up communication and release that pressure of those difficulties?” she said,

Each year, Doffay will address a new theme or lesson about life.

“So the first year was Santa. Santa implied there was a boy. So we said well let's create the boy. So the next year the boy wrote,” said Doffay.

Bobby may not be real, but what he writes is relatable.

In this year’s letter he tells the story of how his mother is dying from cancer, but the boy possesses an optimism the likes of an ox. “I was holding mom's hand explaining to her how something super tiny has the power to move a star up in the sky. I was telling her how the microscope is teaching me how tiny things and giant stuff are connected. Just then I felt mom squeeze my hand….. they said it was a miracle, spontaneous remission. I don’t know how to spell it but it means the cancer is gone.” 

This year's Christmas message is hope.

“We just need to think positive and put positive energy in the universe. That's what that is,” said Martin Luecke, former president of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association.

Whether you're dealing with cancer like Bobby's mom defeated, or any other obstacle, Doffay just hopes everyone can remember to be kind and be optimistic this holiday season and beyond.

“It's a testament to this magical tale of being able to work inwardly to change the outside,” said Doffay.

Doffay hopes to create another display to put up in the summer.