UTPD needs to talk to witnesses who saw fatal CapMetro bus crash

A bicyclist killed in a collision with a Capital Metro bus has been identified as 39-year-old Anthony John Diaz. Diaz was a U.S. Navy veteran and long-time FOX 7 Austin employee who friends and coworkers knew as Tony. 

Monday night, Tony finished his shift at FOX 7 Austin and jumped on his bicycle.

As he was riding north on San Jacinto, his life was suddenly cut short. 

UT Police Chief David Carter said a Capital Metro bus, also traveling north, was behind Tony when the two collided. Tony was trapped underneath the bus. 

“We are committed to getting to the bottom of this tragic event,” Carter said.  

The crash happened in a well-lit area with a speed limit of 15 miles per hour. It was a cold, windy night and the road was mostly clear of vehicles. Tony was riding his bike a few feet from the curb through empty angled parked spaces.  

Questions about why the crash occurred could not be immediately answered by police, but they said Tony took every precaution and surveillance videos showed no indication that he did anything to cause the crash. “He was following all the things that you would expect bicyclists to do. He was wearing a helmet, lights on the bicycle, both front facing light as well as a rear blinking red tail light were on the bicycle, that's what you would expect,” said Carter.  

The bus driver was immediately tested for drugs and alcohol.

Police don't expect the results for up to six weeks. “That investigation has not concluded and so no charges have been filed as of yet, we're looking at several aspects of that, so that continues,” Carter said. The police chief said officers responded to the crash within two minutes, but about half of the eight people onboard the bus left the scene. 

“One of the things we think is very important for people that potentially witness something as passengers on the bus or people that were walking by, we don't know who may have been walking by right at that point, is to reach out to us and share their information,” said Carter. 

Capital Metro said the bus driver has been suspended until the investigation is complete. 

UT police are asking witnesses who have yet to come forward to call 512-471-4441 Ext. #9. 



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