VIDEO: Man says he was harassed at Georgetown park

A video posted to Facebook is making its rounds in the Austin area after a woman claimed she was run over by a man near Lake Georgetown. 

Chris Hampshire posted the video online Tuesday and said that he had turned down the wrong exit at Cedar Breaks Park. He backed up and was going out the right exit when a woman, who Hampshire believed to be a park attendant, told him she was calling the cops because of the incident. 

The video shows the unidentified woman standing in front of Hampshire's car while on the phone. She starts to yell that Hampshire is running her over and frantically calls for help. The car appears to be at a standstill throughout the video. 

"You're in trouble, you're going to jail," the woman says at one point. She then continues to claim Hampshire is running her over.  

The video ends with what appears to be park rangers showing up, telling Hampshire that cops were on the way. Hampshire says he decided to leave as he felt they couldn't hold him there for no reason. 

"About a mile down the road I see 15 officers with sirens and lights speed pass me... quickly a few officers turned around, pulled me over and talk to me about what happened," Hampshire wrote on YouTube, where the video was also posted. 

Hampshire said he showed the officers the video and he was let go. 

According to the Forth Worth District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who operates the park, the woman had been a contracted gate attendant there. They say she is no longer working at the park. 

FOX 7's Bridget Spencer will have more at 5 P.M.