Video shows student being tased at a high school

The parents of a Del Valle High School student say their child was tased for no apparent reason. The cell phone video shows chaos at the high school Thursday. 

Isaac Lewis, seen in white shorts in the video, was caught in it all as students watched the chaos.

Lewis says he was only trying to break up a fight, when school resource officers dragged him to the ground and tased him. "He had me in a headlock like this on the ground and my arms were like this. Another officer came, he had his hand on my back and tased me. They said I was trying to attack him,” said Lewis.

Lewis was arrested and spent one night in jail. He was also expelled from the school.

"I don't think they’re understanding how this could affect him. I have colleges looking at my son. He's maintained a 4.0 average his last three years," said Deidre Mitchell, Lewis’ mother.

Mitchell says she is now searching for another school to place her son in.

She says she will also fight to wipe his record clean.



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