Virginia boy asks for Target-themed party, store hosts special birthday bash

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This four-year-old loves Target so much, his local store threw him a birthday party.

Little Finley 'Finn' Blumenthal has a very special connection to the Target on Route 17 in Virginia. Besides the obvious reasons for loving the addicting store, he adores the Target pup Bullseye. Above all, he loves that Target is the color red-- just like his heart. 

Finn was born with heart disease and over a year ago had his second open-heart surgery. Before the procedure, which would keep Finn in recovery for an unknown time, his family dropped off candy and special notes from his older brother, Mason, around the community, including the coveted store. It was a unique way for the boys to stay connected.

When his birthday rolled around, Kelly, Finn's mother, asked what theme he wanted-- he said Target!

"I went into that Target and asked them if they had any Target-like decorations and they said no, but let us give you a special experience," Kelly told FOX 5. 

When his big day arrived, store staff welcomed Finn as a "new employee," complete with a name badge, and held a team huddle to sing happy birthday.

But it gets even cuter. 

There was an onsite photographer, Stephanie Tignor Photography, who captured the excited birthday boy shopping, collecting fun gifts in a special Target swag bag and sharing sweet moments with his very own stuffed Bullseye! 

"They have been so incredibly sweet throughout his entire journey," Kelly said. Giving him a birthday party in store was magical. 

As if you need another reason to love Target-- add this to the list.