Vista Ridge Ranger Band wins first place at state competition

A local high school marching band takes home a first place trophy at a state competition. 

Tuesday, the Vista Ridge Ranger Band won the University Interscholastic League State Marching Band Contest, 6A Division. “We are blessed to be amongst the best,” said Reid Atkinson, marching director of the Ranger Band. 

“Winning the state title has been a dream come true that I don't think any one of us were expecting at the beginning of this season,” said trombone player Gray Beasley.  

Students started practicing in August and spent countless hours perfecting each note and step. “Hours every day of just rehearsing constantly is what it took to get to where we're at today,” Beasley said. 

“It took an incredible amount of effort and work on part of students, parents, administration. Putting on a production like his takes a small army of people and we're very blessed to have that small army,” said Atkinson.  

The main goal every year is to put on a show the audience will never forget. “Even though that's the name of our show, lost and found, it really can change your life. And I feel like our show is a perfect example of what it means to be lost and find something that's truly special within,” Beasley said.  

“We tried to put on a production that would resonate with our audience, that would strike a chord that they could relate to and feel engaged with, and at the end of the day we managed to get that done,” said Atkinson.  

The Vista Ridge Ranger Band's hard work wasn't lost on the judges. Students walked away from the competition with a trophy that had been held by Dallas/ Fort Worth area high schools for two decades. 

“I think, yes, we were all kind of surprised, but, more than anything, just really happy and overjoyed to be able to do that. And the coolest thing has been seeing that we've impacted so many people in so many different ways,” said Alli Bellows, Ranger Band director. 

The Ranger Band played their final show for a home audience Friday.

Ironically, it was also the first time they got to play the complete show for their home audience because of all the weather in the area this fall.