Water rescues, including one involving TCSO deputy, after heavy rains hit Central Texas

Heavy rain swept through Central Texas on Wednesday (12/26) night which led to some slick roads this morning as well as several water rescues in the area including one that involved a Travis County Sheriff's Office deputy.

Around 1 a.m. Austin firefighters and medics responded to a water rescue in northwest Austin. 

9-1-1 received a call that a woman's car had been washed off the road and was floating down stream.

As the victim was in contact with first responders she told them she spotted another car in the creek.

Crews arrived to find one vehicle with water over the top of it.

When rescuers found the first vehicle the victim was on the roof the car. The driver of the second vehicle had made his way to the bank.

Both vehicles were pulled from the creek and crews were able to rescue the first victim who was examined by EMS. No word on her condition.

The driver of the second vehicle who had made his way to the bank was also examined and is said to be okay.

Meantime just before 6 a.m. the Austin Fire Department said it was assisting Manor Fire in the 11900 block of Hibbs Lane to help rescue multiple people in the water.

One person was in a tree and had to be rescued by boat as roads in the area had flooded.

Just before 7 a.m. officials say say a total of two people were rescued, including the deputy.