What we know about couple killed in police shooting

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Houston's police chief says the two suspects killed in a gunbattle that injured five undercover narcotics officers were husband and wife.

Chief Art Acevedo on Tuesday said Rhogena Nicholas, 58, and Dennis Tuttle, 59, were killed in the raid Monday.

Police say Tuttle fired at officers and Nicholas tried to grab an officer's gun.

Police have said the suspects were killed after shots were fired at the officers who were trying to serve a search warrant at a southeast Houston home.

Four of the officers were shot and a fifth suffered a knee injury.

Acevedo says that after the shooting, a search of the home found marijuana and a white powdery substance. He also said two rifles were found in the house.

He says police had bought black tar heroin at the house in the past but didn't find any Monday.

Their criminal history will be part of the investigation.

Elizabeth Ferrari showed up at the couple's house on Tuesday morning. She identified herself as Tuttle's sister.

"Our prayers are with the officers and their families who were affected. It’s a very tough situation," Ferrari told reporters.

She said Tuttle was honorably discharged from the Navy for medical reasons.

"[He] has had debilitating injuries for many years. It’s just a sad situation," Ferrari explained.

She says didn't know Nicholson very well and the last time she spoke with her brother was last week.

"We had a great conversation last week, he and I. Just telling me he loved me and he was proud of me and I just shared with him that I loved him," she said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.