What's next for gun rights advocate facing sex assault charges?

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Tuesday, a controversial gun rights advocate is expected to speak about sexual assault charges he's facing. 

30-year-old Cody Wilson, well known for trying to post 3D printable gun blueprints online, was extradited from Taiwan after Austin police filed an arrest warrant against him. 

Officers said Wilson paid a 16-year-old girl he met on an adult website to have sex with him. After they collected evidence, including surveillance video of him with the teen, police filed an arrest warrant for Wilson, but Wilson was not in the country.

He had flown to Taiwan on September 6, for what reason officers can't be sure, but they said Wilson was tipped off by a friend of the victim that he was under investigation. 

Commander Troy Officer said this on Wednesday, "We also know that Mr. Wilson missed a scheduled flight back to the United States."

That started a worldwide manhunt for Wilson led by the U.S. Marshals. Friday, officers in Taiwan tracked Wilson down to a luxury hotel where he surrendered without incident

Officials escorted Wilson back to Texas where he was booked into the Harris County jail

“The reason why he was arrested in Harris County is that Houston was probably the first U.S. port of entry he entered coming back from a foreign country into the United States,” said attorney Travis Williamson who does not represent Wilson.  

Williamson said this was a quick turnaround for a wanted man overseas. 

“It could take week, weeks, month, months, years to extradite somebody in a foreign country. This happened over a matter of a couple of days and so, my educated guess is that, this individual, through attorneys in Texas probably, arranged where he was going to fly back to, when he was going to fly back, probably had made arrangements ahead of time for his bond, etc., etc.,” said Williamson.  

Now that Wilson has bonded out of jail, his case will move forward through the court system. 

“The case is officially in Travis County where it will remain and so all of the proceedings will happen in Travis County. So the next step is, a warrant has been issued, the next step on a felony in Texas is everyone has the right to have a grand jury review your case,” Williamson said.  

However, reports that Wilson met with a real estate agent and put down a deposit on a six-month lease for a studio apartment in Taiwan could come back to haunt him. 

“Things like continuing to run, having a lease over there, those are things we call consciousness of guilt. Some of those things could be admissible at a trial on the matter,” Williamson said.