Woman found dead inside submerged car in Lake Austin

Officials are investigating after finding a woman dead inside of a submerged car pulled from Lake Austin on Saturday morning. Officials responded to a report of a submerged car in the 1700 block of South Quinlan Park Road around 7 a.m.

Police say they received a call from a man who was unloading his boat near the Lake Austin dock when he discovered the car in the water. A woman in her 30's was pulled from the car and pronounced dead at the scene, according to EMS officials. Police say no one else was in the car.

It's too soon to say how the woman died or if foul play is suspected, according to police.

People who live in the area told FOX 7 Austin this wasn't the first time a situation like this has happened. Back in 2009, officials recovered another car with a body inside. 

Police believe the driver in that situation, identified as Lucia Rodriguez, was confused driving down the winding road and drove down the boat ramp into the water. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning.