Women who escaped home explosion passes away

A woman who escaped from a house explosion in southeast Austin Saturday has passed away. The Bexar County Medical examiner says 44-year-old Nicole e. Burton died from effects of the blast and fire. Neighbors recall hearing a loud boom and seeing Nicole and a man running out of the house.

Diamond Perez said the couple appeared badly burned, distressed as neighbors wrapped them up in blankets. "They were good neighbors themselves like I said you never caused any issues my dad knew them, pretty much everyone knew David and it's just unfortunate what happened to such good people," Perez said.

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No word yet on the condition of the man that was with Burton.

The Texas Gas Service says the likely cause is natural gas build up.

Railroad Commission of Texas findings indicate failures were found at a connection of a service line for a neighboring property. Those failures appear to be caused by third-party damage. But the cause of that damage is still under investigation.

The blast caused damage to about five homes in the area. Perez said his family is working with an insurance agent to repair his mother's room.

"In my mother's room there’s a big hole that collapsed from the ceiling and all the debris, sheet rock and installation fell on my mom's bed,” Perez said. “Fortunately no one was laying on the bed at the time."

The neighbors who live directly next door have not been able to return home. The family tells FOX 7 the foundation is ruined and the ceiling collapsed. They said unfortunately insurance will not restore their home completely or replace the items they've lost.