Burnet HS Lady Bulldogs basketball team making history

The Burnet High School Lady Bulldogs girls basketball team is making history as it participates in its first state tournament ever!

The team set a new school record with 31 wins this season. Head coach Rick Gates and players say that practicing for a game in late February isn't something Burnet is used to.

"When you talk about those things at the beginning of the year. Of course that's your dream," Gates says. "That's what you believe. But to have it actually happen. Is something else all together."

Of the final four teams in the Class 4A state semifinals Burnet is the only one that is not ranked.

The other three are in the top five but that doesn't seem to phase the Lady Bulldogs one bit.

Burnet junior guard Caitlynne Graves says, "We don't let that affect us. We just play our own game. We play basketball and we always come out with the win."

Gates says the team wants to go to San Antonio and win two more games. 

"Some may say we overachieved this year but we felt like going into the season that we would be a team to be contended with," Gates says.