TMZ shares latest entertainment news

From Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Luke Bryan to Melissa McCarthy and Meghan Markle -- here's a look at who's making headlines in Hollywood with TMZ.

Monday Manners: Cruise ship etiquette

When dining at the Captain's Table on a cruise, whether you're alone or with a group, there are certain guest expectations to keep in mind. This includes correctly pronouncing menu terms. Here to help us is national etiquette expert Diane Gottsman.

Good Day Cooks: Another Broken Egg

It's National Brunch Month and to celebrate, Another Broken Egg is teaming up with Milagro Tequila to offer a sweepstakes. Co-owner Lianne Straathof joins Good Day Austin to share all about it and what Another Broken Egg has to offer.

Hand to Hold NICU graduation

Hand to Hold is hosting its second annual NICU graduation ceremony to celebrate how far former NICU babies have come. Emily Fite joins Good Day Austin to talk about the event.

Preservation Austin's 2024 Homes Tour

Preservation Austin is proud to present the 2024 Homes Tour going on this weekend. It's an event where you can tour some of Austin's most remarkable homes.

Meet Mejia and her puppies at APA!

Meet Mejia and her two puppies! They are currently looking for a foster home and, eventually, forever homes after the puppies are more grown. They are available at Austin Pets Alive!.

Dan Guevara performs 'Lost in Austin'

Dan Guevara's music is described as folk with a rock and roll soul. You can catch him live on May 4 at The Loose Screw in Taylor or May 11 and 18 at Rockabilly Brewing in Hutto.

Indie Meme Festival continues

You still have a chance to attend in-person screenings and Q&A sessions at the Indie Meme Festival. Filmmaker Vinod Rawat joins us along with Indie Meme programming director Anmon Jose.

Good Day Austin 7 - 9 AM

If you let most people walk you through their house, they'll likely point out several things they'd like to fix or upgrade. But how much will those upgrades cost? And are they really worth it? Finance expert Dan Roccato joins us with more.

Oliver Penn performs 'Take My Time'

Oliver Penn was born in Rhode Island, moved to Houston, moved back to Rhode Island and now he's back in Texas! He has a new album out called 'I'm Your Man' and he's going on tour soon.

Indie Meme Film Festival underway in Austin

The Indie Meme Film Festival is screening more than 30 international films from over 13 countries, spanning more than 17 languages. Ramdas Menon and Alka Bhanot, members of the programming team, join us with more.

Fine arts matter in education

When we think of school subjects, most likely we're thinking of the core classes like math and language arts, and fine arts classes like music and dance are an afterthought. But these special subjects can have a profound impact on children. Alison Bogle, with Austin Family magazine, joins us with more.

Supreme Court declines to hear case on mass protests

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case from Louisiana that could have an impact on protest gatherings. Dr. Eddy Carder, assistant professor of Constitutional law and philosophy at Prairie View A&M University, joins us with more on the implications.