Science in Sweatpants: Cloud in a Bottle

FOX 7 Austin Meteorologist Chelsea Andrews talks about the science behind clouds and shows you two ways to create your own clouds at home.

How to flash freeze water in a bottle

Today’s experiment may be something you’ve seen on social media, we’ll be freezing a bottle of water and growing ice crystals instantly.

How to make homemade ice cream

Chelsea Andrews shows you how to make delicious homemade ice cream without having to lug out your ice cream maker.

Make your own crystals at home!

This is a great experiment because you’re only limited by your imagination and what you can make with pipe cleaners.

How to use sunlight to paint a picture

After about 4 hours in the sun, the crayons on the black poster will have melted much more than those on the white poster board.

How to make your own snow!

Snow is a rare sight, but other types of wintry precipitation, like sleet and freezing rain, are a little more common in Central Texas