Echelon Building plane crash 10th anniversary

53-year-old Joseph Stack took off from the Georgetown Airport and intentionally flew into a building in northwest Austin that housed the IRS on February 18, 2010. FOX 7 Austin's Dave Froehlich has a look back at what happened.

Y2K: How Austin dealt with new millennium

Remember Y2K? Mass hysteria about computers switching over to the new millennium and it all ended up being much ado about nothing. Well 20 years ago that’s what the world was worried about. Austin included. But Austin business owners were also worried about something else: a big downtown New Year’s Eve party called “A2K.” Fox 7 Austin’s Casey Claiborne is taking a look into the Fox 7 Austin video vault.

X-Files fans still 'out there'

Back in 1997 when our favorite show was in its heyday, we aired a profile of three X-Files fanatics and FOX 7's Casey Claiborne caught up with them 20 years later.

FOX 7 Video Vault: Spamarama

The Good Day anchors take a look back at the annual event that was held from 1976-2007 that included cooking contests, Spam carving, a Spam toss and more.

KTBC goes on the air in 1952

In 1952 KTBC went on air and became the first TV station in Austin. We've covered a lot of news and events since then and we're starting a new project to give you a look at all the history we've witnessed. FOX 7's Casey Claiborne has more.